Quote of the Day


to protect? to equip?

When I visit my folks, they are obviously distressed with what I let the kids do. Yes, they might step on rock; yes, they might fall of the ledge into the scratchies below; yes they might get hurt.

I realized that my folks think I should be protecting them from harm and I think I should be helping them make better choices. If they step on a rock they'll remember to wear their shoes. If they tumble from the ledge into the shrubs in their bathing suits, they'll remember to get dressed before scaling the porch again. I have advised them to wear shoes, check for appropriate clothing etc., but I don't require it. When they bring me their Ouches! I snuggle them and give sympathy and ask them what they learned. "Wear shoes!" "Get dressed." I count this as success.

My question for you is, do you mainly try to protect your kids? or give them learning opportunities and sympathy?


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