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growth report

The children are apparently sneaking Miracle Gro when we are not looking. Or perhaps it is the buckets of food they eat everyday.

Click on the words "READ MORE . . . " for current heights and weights (clicking will not make your browser reload the page).


October 3rd (age 6 yrs 11 mths): 48.5 inches & 50 pounds.
May 9th (7 yrs 6 mths): 50 inches & 55 pounds (1.5 inches & 5 lbs in 7 mths).
June 28th (7 yrs 8 mths): 50.75 inches & 57 pounds (2.25 inches & 7 lbs in 9 mths).


October 3rd (age 5 yrs 3 mths): 38.25 inches & 34.6 pounds.
May 9th (5 yrs 10 mths): 40 inches & 37.6 pounds. (1.75 inches & 3 lbs in 7 mths).
June 28th (5 yrs and 11 mths): 40.5 inches & 38.6 pounds (2.25 inches & 4 lbs in 9 mths).

I was worried that Chickadee is not gaining in weight as rapidly as her brother is, so I asked our Physician's Assistant. She plotted their growth and reports that Dandy is growing at a typical pace for a boy his age, is taller than average and of typical weight, which of course makes him look slim.

Chickadee is much shorter and lighter than average (we knew this) but her growth rate is much higher than average, meaning that she is putting on height and weight at a faster pace than other 5 yr old girls. So that is happy news.


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