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A couple of days ago we were, yet again, in the car. A car in front of us passed a slow-moving tractor.

Dandy (age 7): Was that naughty?
Me: No, there are markings on the road that tell us when we can do that.

Yesterday we were taking Dandy in to school and, once again, the car in front of us passed a slow-moving farm vehicle.

Dandy: Was that naughty?
My Gift: No.
(Long pause. Yellow stripes change from dotted to solid on our side.)
Dandy: But now it is naughty if we do it, right?
(Another long pause. Yellow stripes change to dotted on both sides.)
Dandy: But now anyone can.

That's all. We never talked to him about stripes. He observed, hypothesized, tested, and concluded. I'm rather impressed.

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