Quote of the Day


a perfect day

We started the day with breakfast on the deck My Gift just finished. We ate strawberries and home-made bread and home-made yogurt. We did a few chores. I planted 23 pots of flowers and vegetables, including heirloom tomatoes. We filled the kiddie pool and there was splashing galore. We grilled Copper River Salmon and Taylor oysters. We ate watermelon and the grown-ups had a cold dark beer apiece.

The children are having their first sleep-out on the deck; they each have a dog-guard on their sleeping bag. They fell asleep trying to count stars. I'm still on the deck, typing by moon-light. The neighbor cows are lowing. The night-birds are twittering. I hear the flitter of bats and an occasional owl cry.

'Twas a perfect day.

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