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Adoption BlogPost Roundup #1

May 31 is the official last day of Adoption BlogPost Round-Up #1. I updated the list to add some new posts and marked them. You'll see.

What would you like to have as a theme for the June Adoption BlogPost Round-Up? Could you share your ideas in the comments?

Jamie at It's Always Something writes about the night she was packing to go to the hospital where her soon-to-be-child was about to born. It is a thoughtful and compassionate post.

Natasha at MultiRacial Sky writes a frustrating post in which she is trapped in bathroom with all four kids and a Person-Of-Inappropriate-Questions. I think she was much nicer than I would have been.

Melody at Slurping Life posts a beautiful and compelling reflection on an adoption that disrupted and celebrates the daughter that is no longer hers (but in a way, is always hers).

Margaret at Open Window (which is sporting a swell new look, btw) shares a beautifully written post about her childhood.

Kimmie at Over the Moon with Joy links us to her get-acquainted post in which she shares that
After all, we are not adding children to our lives, children are our lives.

Theresa at My World and Welcome To It posts adoption day pictures full of happy family moments.

new Heather at Production, Not Reproduction, shares a thoughtful and thought-provoking post about real moms. She also has an awesome list of adoption book reviews.

new Erika at Plain Jane Mom rightly rants about Adopt-a-Highway and the like.

Mrs. Broccoli Guy asks "Are Ethical Adoptions Possible?" (post #3, in a three part series) about unethical adoptions, ones in which the child is separated from his or her birth parents in shady circumstances.


Stefanie at ~Never Too Many~ shares her lovely blog about adopting in China.

Beverly at Motherhood and Other Ramblings posts about the impossible dilemma that faces a Chinese woman with an unplanned and unauthorized pregnancy.

Becky at And Chloe Makes 6 couldn't decide, so she shares her whole blog with us, chock full of pics of her good-looking kids.

Mrs. Logbeck at Confessions of an Imperfect Mom also couldn't decide, so she shared her whole blog. They are facing are really really long wait and could probably use a few words of support.

new RedMaryJanes at The Seventh Diamond follows suit, linking her whole blog. They too face a very very long wait.

new I'm seeing a trend here amongst the China folks, as Perrin also links her blog: two ladybugs. She has two very photogenic and apparently very busy little ones home.

Owlhaven at Ethiopia Adoption Blog writes a birthday love letter to her daughter. What a treasure for this little girl when she is grown.

PatJrsMom at Building the Ark shares an inspiring account of the practical support they received at their fund-raising sale.

Nicky at Rowan Family Tree presents and defines for us the dread
WIBMAD:Well-intentioned but Misinformed Adoption Disorder
[Definition] Things nice people say about adoption that are unintentionally hurtful or annoying.
I'm sure we all know at least one person afflicted with this malady. Nicky's post may be the best treatment available.

Rod at Alex - Road to Freedom pleas for help as their older-child adoption has stalled.

Wendy at Adopting Ahren (&PBJ, too!) writes a thought-provoking post on ways that people categorize her children and how their 'go-to' cubby surprises and concerns her.

Guatemala and Haiti
Dawn at Praying Them Home shares a moving post about progress in attachment. She really got me when she wrote this:
Then she came home.

But unlike my birth daughters, she was not a baby. She was lost and so was I. At first I honestly thought maybe we were doing ok. But there were times I would hold her, and I would think I don't know her, and I would panic. When my older girls were babies, I could instantly recognize their cry in a room of babies. If I held them with my eyes closed, I could tell you if I was holding my baby or another child. I knew them.

I did not know Emilee's smell. That sweet particular smell that belongs to your child. I did not know how she liked to be held. I didn't know what foods she liked. I didn't know how she slept. I didn't know her laugh. I didn't know what made her smile. We were strangers in a strange land. Trying to dance together as mother and daughter but not really knowing any of the steps.

Laura at No Small Feat writes a YEAH YEAH post. You know, the ones that you read and mutter Yeah! Yes! Yeah! all the way through. It nicely presents all the things you shouldn't say about adoption, and why.

Sherri at everyday miracle posts a nearly poetic account of saying a temporary farewell to her daughter in Haiti. It is a lovely lovely read.

E at Looking for George questions and comments upon the specialized language of adoption culture.

The hippieish woman at Kinda Like a Hippie shares a birthday tribute to her excellent son and includes a lovely tribute to her son's birthmother.

Mrs. L at Remnants of my Life shares her whole blog with us including a teaser. She has some big news; she's just not going to share it.

Debbie of Family Reunion started us off with a great post about How to Support a Pre-Adoptive or Waiting Family. If you have a friend or family member that is adopting, you will find some practical advice here.

Tami at Finding Maddie shares a beautiful reflection on the birthday of the birthmother of Tami's son.

Esther at Crowned with Laurel made me cry as she described saying goodbye to ZsaZsa, a little girl that they were not able to adopt.

Jeneflower of 3 Sons and a Princess shares their video from that beautiful day when they picked up their princess.

Cindy at MeanderMom gives a detailed progress report on the 6 month anniversary of bringing their son home from Russia. Elle, if you missed this blog, you'll want to go read it as she has a rocker too.

Elle share from one of her older blogs, Adoption Adventure, about the long horrible terrible too-long wait. She got her referral a week before we did, got to travel on trip one (we did not), and then we all waited and waited and when we couldn't take it any more, we waited even longer. Her post is particularly teary for me as I know how the story ends.

Rhonda at Worth the Wait describes the sweetness of a little girl canoodling with her mommy. I've recently been blessed with such sweetness, so Rhonda's post is especially poignant for me.

Rachael at Always Wanted Four shares her efforts to learn, and her joy in getting to use, the Russian language.

Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living recalls a conversation with a friend about re-naming one's new children.

Kate at from Russia, with love compares the long horrible wait to the wait at a bus-stop for a bus that may or may not be there in a minute, or an hour, or a month, or not-at-all, or 'I think I hear it now', or 'it broke down' or worst of all, no news at all, just a long chilly hope-deadening wait. Can you tell her analogy really worked for me? Even though our wait for the bus mercifully ended at last, I still get all jumpy just thinking about it. If you know someone waiting, send them chocolate, large quantities.

April at Amazing Grace is putting together her scrapbook for her daughter. This gets her thinking and she asks us a great question:
How do we raise our adopted children to celebrate their lives without being defined by their adoption?

new The Seyler family at 3 Journies of the Heart share their adoption stories.

Jena at Preparing for Rain aptly titles her contribution Things that are Hard to Talk About and shares the struggle of the first bit of time home and the utter exhaustion and the fear of not feeling the 'right' way about her son and how impossible it all is and inadequate she feels that she is. Her post spoke to my heart as our first few months home were barely livable. The only way we got through is that my Dad would come and take one or both kids away and I could gather up my courage again. But most of you know what happened to Dad. Anyway Jena is courageous and honest in her posting and my heart goes out to her.
. . it hit me what it is that has made it so hard for me to attach to Khai, he doesn’t need me. As I sat there with Samuel, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was the ONLY person that Samuel needed to be there with him, I am his momma. But Khai has not needed me like that. And it is painful to know that your son does not need you like that.
Our son, Dandy still doesn't need us in a healthy manner. We are nice to have around and all that, but . . .

Nickie at Stepping on Legos shares a very poignant reflection on her daughter's birthmom and asks some very thought-provoking questions which elicit even more thought-provoking comments from her readers.

Laurie at Pho for Four shares an amusing post about international adoption is better than pregnancy, though I notice that gestation period did not make it onto her list. We were paper pregnant for 16-21 months, depending on when you start counting. Then, because Laurie isn't busy enough with her new little one and recently finishing med school (I need a nap just thinking about that), she offers to share with us her Life-Book making talents.

Gretchen at Adventures of a Law Mommy shares her daughter's responses to the gaps in the photo-record and comments
She did not come to our family in the usual way, which has me sitting in an unusual seat - asking my child, my CHILD, my DAUGHTER, questions about her life BEFORE ME. She has a whole history that I don't know much about.
Yes, I know the feeling. My daughter regularly tells me about her life before our mutual life.

Jennifer at This is Now discusses the health issues questions that we all have wrestled or will wrestle with. Which medical needs can we handle? which are not a good fit for us? Tis a tricksy decision, no doubt. I haven't any wisdom to share on this one, do you? If so, please go post it as I am so curious what about what you might say.

new Charisa at Little Brother shares her whole blog with us as they wait for their little boy.

Adoption Resources
Christine shares two links one with us: one is her author page and the other is her publisher page. Both promote her new book: Welcome Home, Forever Child: A Celebration of Children Adopted as Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Beyond.

Joanne at Forever Parents shares some lovely adoption-themed quotes.

Laura at Exploring Adoption recently attended the Adoption and Orphan Care Summit III. She shares her experiences there as well as gracefully counters what appears to be an under-informed LA Times article.

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