Quote of the Day


the kindness of strangers and acquaintances

Today my car had trouble on the way to take Andy to school. I pulled into the parking lot next to my coffee stand and called for help and then went and cried on the barrista's shoulder. She kindly supplied tissues and sympathy and a free latte. The latte didn't fix my car, but the sweetness of the gesture lifted my spirits

Having car trouble really spotlights the loss of 1-800-Dad. He's traded in his white horse for a purple wheelchair. Nevertheless I called him for advice and he dispatched our Uncle Denny who is staying with Mom and Dad this week. Denny came and judged the car drivable and took Andy to school and brought the sickly car home.

. . . a mouse in my engine . . .

I then took the car down to my wonderful excellent beloved mechanics who are actually super-heros doing undercover work. If you are local and need a good mechanic, or two, you want PM Automotive. Not only did they take my car right in, they replaced the whatsit that the resident mouse (did I mention that there is a mouse living in my engine?) had damaged. Thirty minutes later I was on the road again, with no charge.

Then I stopped by the pharmacy for Dad. We've been having trouble getting one of his prescriptions filled so we had to get a substitute. The pharmacist felt so badly for the run-around that he gave us the replacement at no cost. Again, it is not the value of the money saved that is such an encouragement (though it is nice); it's the gesture of support and good-will that puts the smile back on my face.

My next stop was my parent's house to greet Dandy who had been picked up at school and dropped off by a thoughtful Mom from his class.

My whole day was perked up by the kindnesses of people I hardly know. I am resolved to be that person for others.

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