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One of the little-discussed benefits of living in constant turmoil and disarray is that kind people take pity on you now-and-then and bring you dinner. Not only do you get the practical benefit of wholesome food you didn't have to cook and the emotional benefit of being cared about and supported, you also get some new recipes in your repertoire. It is even more delightful when the leftovers from one lend themselves to an other. Here are my recent finds.

Shopping list for two meals:
1 whole chicken
Big head of garlic
2 lemons
little potatoes
cream cheese
2 packages little crescent rolls
little peas

Lemon-Garlic Chicken from Dianne P.

One whole chicken, hosed out (I make Jamie do that part. EEwww)
2 lemons, peeled and deseeded and quartered
10 cloves garlic, peeled
salt, pepper, cooking sherry

Stuff chicken with garlic, lemon, S&P and sherry. Brush with oil (I've used olive or sesame).

Roast at 325-350 for one hour.

Add little potatoes, carrots, onions.

Roast for another hour. Take the lid off and brush with a little more oil. Roast a bit more until the top turns golden.

Chickie Baskets from Gini B.
Pop the leftovers from recipe above (except the lemon) into your food mill. Dice, don't puree.
Soften a package of cream cheese.
Combine the diced stuff and the cream cheese.
Unroll your crescent rolls, put a dollop of filling in each, wrap them up whatever way looks cute to you.
Put in pan about 2 inches apart or put into muffin tins.
Bake at 350 until brown.

Make them little for appetizers, or big for entree-sized servings. Extra yummy served with little peas. I've also made this with Pot Roast leftovers and it was just as nummy.

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:: this post is included in the May recipe round-up and in the Carnival of Recipes 5.26.2007

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Anonymous said...

My dd when much smaller announced she wanted to learn to cook REAL meals, POSH meals like I did.... "O.k. what do you want to learn?" After some thought she returned, "I want to learn to cook that chicken," "which chicken?" "The one with lemon up its bum". I add some rosemary sprigs from the garden and occasionally put herb butter under the skin to add more flavour. But otherwise that's what you've got, 'Poullet avec citron sur le derrier" :lol: