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adoption round-up

This round-up is closed. I'll launch the Adoption BlogPost Roundup #2 sometime during the first weekend in June. Check out the summary post at Annotated Adoption BlogPost Roundup #1.

I'm hosting a round-up. What is a round-up you may ask? It is a themed blog posting across many blogs. This round-up is going to be about adoption.

Here is what we do. You pick out your favorite adoption post -- any topic -- then you add it to Mr. Linky, below. Be sure to include a few words in parentheses that describe your post topic. You submit the link. Then all the other readers that are interested in your topic can click on over and see what you have to say.

In future months, we can include themes such as "what not to say" "how to support a pre-adoptive family" "how to support a recently home family" "sweet attachment moments" "ack! what have we done?" and so forth. Leave your ideas in the comments.

It would be awfully nice if you include a link back to here on the post that you are sharing.

And of course, as this is brand new, I need all the help I can get spreading the word. Would you consider posting about the round-up on your blog?

Adoption Participants
1. Debbie (10 ways to support a waiting adoptive family)
2. Tami (Happy Birthday Lubov)
3. Esther(meeting your child in Russia) sorry I goofed first time
4. Stefanie Beckering (china adoption)
5. Owlhaven (Letter to My 2-Year-Old)
6. jeneflower
7. Cindy
8. Natasha
9. dawnz:) (attachment)
10. Chaos-Jamie (uncertainty in the process)
11. Wendy (Colorblind)
12. Elle
13. Sherri Gragg
14. melody (sometimes it fails)
15. Rhonda
16. Mrs. Broccoli Guy (Are Ethical Adoptions Possible?)
17. Christine Mitchell
18. Welcome Home, Forever Child: A Celebration of Children Adopted as Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Beyond
19. Sheljena(Attachment in adoption)
20. Stepping On Legos
21. April (Scrapbooking 101)
22. Motherhood and Other Ramblings (adoption plans vs. abandonment)
23. Rachael (Learning the language/preparing for older child adoption/Russia)
24. Maggie
25. AA (reflections on my child\'s birthday)
26. BeckyB (China Adoption)
27. Kimmie (The beginning of a new day)
28. Laurie (adoption vs pregnancy- comical)
29. Laurie (selling custom lifebooks, adoption stories, & Hotslings)
30. Gretchen (older child adoption)
31. E. (Adoption Language and A Thousand Apologies
32. patjrsmom(orphanage fundraising project)
33. Mrs. L
34. Forever Parents (adoption quotes)
35. Jennifer (Deciding Health Preferences)
36. Laura
37. Lesley (Chinese Adventures and Daily Life)
38. Theresa (Celebrating Adoption Day)
39. :: Suzanne :: (renaming)
40. Nicky - Well-intentioned but Misinformed Adoption Disorder
41. Alex Rod (Ethiopia/Albania)
42. Laura - Exploring Adoption (Adoption & Orphan Care Summit Overview)
43. kate (waiting)
44. Kimberley
45. adoptedthree
46. charisa wolf
47. HeatherS ("real" moms)
48. Perrin
49. Erika, Plain Jane Mom (Adoption is not for Dirty Higways)

Learn more about Adoption here.

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