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pot roast questions from the wife of a lapsed vegetarian

My Gift used to be a a vegetarian of sorts: no chicken, no turkey, no beef, no pork. Fish and milk and eggs were okay. I learned to cook for him and it was okay. It just meant that the "side dishes" became the main event and I came up with interesting side dishes. It was rather fun in a challenging sort of way.

When we brought the children home, we agreed that they needed to eat meat, so I bought an eighth of a cow that had lived its life eating grass about a block from our home. Local, free-range beef seemed more humane than feed-lot beef. At least our cow had a nice life up until its last day.

Anyway, part of that cow is in my pot right now as I attempt my first pot roast. I followed Joy of Cooking's advice to dredge it in flour and brown it on all sides. Now I have a thick layer of brown flour in the bottom of my pot. What is the function of this? Does it serve to thicken the dish later on? Give color to the gravy-like stuff? Do you know?

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