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I was flat on my back sick all weekend which meant that I and my laptop had a lot of quality time together. If you haven't noticed the slick expandable menus in my sidebar, do go over and admire them. They love the attention. They came to me from PurpleMoggy's blog.

In my feverish wanderings, I found a lovely new tool for blogging. It is a Firefox extension called ScribeFire. I love all sorts of things about it.

  1. It opens in the bottom half of my screen which makes it really handy for looking for or adding links.
  2. It has a 'save as note' option which is better than Bloggers 'save as draft' option, in that the Blogger version attaches the original date to the post, which could be weeks prior to the publication date.
  3. The preview function is much faster than Blogger.
  4. It has a fast and easy image upload feature which lets you put the picture exactly where you want it, rather than having to move it around after the fact.

While you are over at the Firefox extensions page (you do use Firefox, don't you?), you may also want to check out the very cool mouse alternative, EasyGestures, which gives you a mouse control that looks like this, so you no longer have to trot up to the top left of your screen to do anything.

And at no extra charge I got some lovely sticky notes that I can leave on other people's blogs with reminders to come back and snitch their widgets ( I rather like widgets you know). Don't worry, no-one but me can see the sticky notes.

But the best find was the Daily Dilbert. I worked corporate just long enough to develop a deep and lasting appreciate for poor Dilbert, stuck in his cubicle farm.

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