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happy times

Mom and Dad's back yard: September, 2006
Canon PowerShot S410 :: Exposure: 1/60 sec
Aperture: f/4.9 :: Focal Length: 22.2mm

. . . rejoiced in the sun and the surf and the kelp and crabs.

I know I've shared this picture before, and I know it is not really up to snuff -- as a photograph -- as the others in this series, but this is my Mother's Day selection. I love this picture of them swinging on the same rope swing I swung on as a child. I love Dandy's glowing happiness on his first visit to his new grandparents' house. I love the look on my dad's face. I love the memories of Chickadee's rolling giggles; I love all the memories of that day.

It was our first day after getting back from Russia with the children. We had taken them to the beach (beach pics here) where they played and splashed and rejoiced in the sun and the surf and the kelp and crabs. From there we went to my parents' home. My parents' yard is nearly a wee private park. It is spacious and flowery and has dogs to play with and rope swings and trees to climb. The children were right pleased. It was a lovely lovely day, and this photograph returns me to it.

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