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more on the Poetry Friday button

Inquiring minds want to know!

Did you ask [Kim] to make it?
Yup. I checked with Kelly at Big A, little a cause Poetry Friday is her baby and she thought it sounded like a good idea, so I asked Kim if she wanted to make us a button. Kim has declined all offers of renumeration, so lets go flood her with praise and admiration, which will be easy to do as her work is so lovely.

I am curious about how to use it. Does it always link back to her page or can we make it link to the Poetry Friday host? Or do you mean for it to be displayed it in one's sidebar as an indication that one participates? Well right now it links back to her page so that anyone who has not had the opportunity to see her charming bookmarks can find her. I'm going to leave the one in my sidebar link permanently to the bookworm bookmarks page and that is the coded thusly:

To alter it for the weekly hosts, which is the button I'll be using at the end of each of my Friday Poetry posts, here is the recipe for the coding, but you will need to add one ingredient, indicated in upper-case:

And here is the coding for it:

What are your other questions?


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