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how can I help? my friends just adopted . . .

Most of you know that my Dad was paralyzed right before Christmas. He moved home on April 30th and a new era in his and our life has begun. Right now, Mom and Dad need help, beyond what we in the immediate family can provide. Many many people have offered and we found an awesome resource to help us organize and utilize all the offers.

Lotsa Helping Hands is a free easy-to-use webservice that allows volunteers to go view of list of needs and sign-up for times and days that fit for them. I so wish we had this when we first brought our children home. MEALS!!!

So if your friend or family member is bringing a new one home, via birth or adoption, start collecting email addresses now of people who want to be involved. Set up a Lotsa Helping Hands site for the family. Enter the email addresses and send invitations. Determine the dates and time you want meals to arrive. That's it. No phonecalls!

You can view a demo here.


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