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basil pesto

Poke around at your Farmer's Market this weekend and see if you can get a goodly supply of basil which you can easily freeze for delicious pesto all winter long. My neighbor shared her pesto recipe with us.


Pull the leaves off the stems. Put the leaves in a 2 cup measure and pat them down. When the measuring cup is full, transfer the leaves to a freezer bag, squeeze out the excess air and toss into the freezer.

Diana's Pesto

Toast in oven, then cool
1 C pine nuts or sunflower seeds

Melt, then cool
3-4 Tb butter

In a strong blender, combine
6 cloves garlic
1/2 C olive oil
2 C frozen basil leaves
cooled pine nuts or sunflower seeds

cooled butter
1 C shredded parmesan cheese
salt if the nuts were not salted
blender mixture

Serve over angel hair pasta


:: this post is part of Presto Pasta Nights hosted at Once Upon A Feast

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