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tegenaria agrestis: I hates them

Spiders. Oh how I hates them. Once I got bit by a spider; it was the NW version of Florida's brown recluse: tegenaria agrestis aka hobo spider. It left venom in me that ate my collagen and created what appeared to be a rotting wound. It was very disturbing and I never did fully recover from the psychological horror of having one of these on my body.

The tegenaria agrestis lives in the region in red. They are a
horror, not only because they can make you really ill or even kill you (don't believe me? go read case #3 from the Center for Disease Control), but because they look like this:

Just a wittle spider, you were thinking. I double-dog dare you to click on that spider so that you can see it life-size.

Why are we talking about it today? Because I was cleaning the garden the other day and I picked up a piece of scrap lumber and found a mouse hole under it. Imagine my surprise when the occupant showed up and was not a mouse, just a mouse-sized spider. There were more.


and I killed them.

by myself.

Then I went inside and threw up.


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