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Sunday Dinner

Yesterday we packed up the ice chest and took dinner to Grandma & Grandpa TwoChas (Grandma & Grandpa TwoHours, in Russglish). Last month, Grandpa TwoChas misnegotiated a ladder to the peril of his knee, had surgery, and then fell down the stairs with his crutches. We seem to be collecting gimpy Grandpas. Anyway, we went down to see them and Dandy cooked dinner. Here he is, to tell you how to do it.

Dandy's Roast Chicken

:: clean the sink
:: wash your hands
:: put your chicken in the sink, unwrap it, keep the plastic
:: pull the yucky stuff out of the chicken, put it in the plastic
:: wash the chicken out
:: put the chicken in the roasting pan
:: throw the plastic bag away
:: wash your hands

:: get a cube of butter
:: cut it into little squares
:: get the secret spices from Mom (2 Tb Kosher Salt & 1 Tb Old Bay Seasoning seasoning)
:: push about half the butter under the skin
:: pour most of the secret spices in with the butter
:: push some more of the butter in
:: rub butter over the rest of the chicken
:: wash your hands
:: put the lid on

:: ask Mom to put it in the oven and turn the oven on to 375
:: set the timer for one hour
:: wash 7 big carrots
:: peel them
:: cut them into smaller bits
:: wash 7 yellow potatoes
:: cut them into 1 inch bits

:: when the timer goes off ask Mom to put the veggies in
:: set the time for one more hour.


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