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Faroe Islands

Quick! Where are the Faroe Islands?

Local legend even claims the ring of power is hidden here.

I didn't have any idea either. According to the Everything about the Faroe Islands blog, "they are situated in the heart of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic at 62°00'N, the Faroe Islands lie northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway." And according to Karl Ritter of The Associated Press via the St. Petersburg Times (hi Kate) . . .
[ . . . ] a wild ocean launches ferocious swells against the Giant and the Witch, two spectacular rock pillars that protrude from the surf like craggy teeth.

All that's missing from the storybook setting is a band of orcs or goblins crawling out from behind a rock, or a pipe-smoking Hobbit emerging from one of the turf-roofed houses.

The Lord of the Rings analogy is never far away in the Faroe Islands, a barren and wind-swept archipelago whose volcanic peaks shoot out of the Atlantic Ocean halfway between Iceland and Norway. Local legend even claims the ring of power is hidden here.

Photographer Frantisek Staud had the good fortune to travel to the Faroe Islands and took hundreds of gorgeous photos which he shares at his website, which you really ought to go visit to see them all. Here is one, just to whet your appetite.

What to see what it looks like there right this very minute? Visit the Faroe webcam.



Faroe islands said...

Faroe Islands, near UK, holds unheard of surprises for visitors, no matter who you are & what you like. From bird watching to adventures sports like hiking, from extraordinary & stunning boat rides to terrific moor hiking Faroe Islands got lot in its kitty.

Anonymous said...

Uh yes, unheard of surprises like mass murder of whales and dolphins each summer, this isnt a tradition that a picturesque country should be proud of or continue engaging in. Stop whaling, its no longer regarded as a humane practice, there is no longer a place for acts like this on this planet, our children need new traditions that protect life, not destroy it. Let us not promote the Faroe Islands until they change these old and unjustifyable practices, please lets be more conscious.