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works for me: baby gate

If you think animals are inventory, or property, don't read this post, as you will never ever understand it and I will never ever understand your comments. Otherwise, click to read more.

We have 3 dogs, all of whom sleep indoors at night. We have a California King sized bad which is already full with my California King sized husband, me, 1-2 cats, and our beloved senior dog Holly. This leaves the junior dogs to find a comfy spot on their own. They pace the house. They jump on the bed and get pushed off. They pace -- click-click-click go their dog nails on the wood floors -- they jump, they pace, and this goes on all night and makes me cranky.

The other day I was cleaning out the laundry room and ran across a baby gate. Oh YES! We put the junior dogs up to sleep with the kids and put the gate across the bottom of the stairs. We get to sleep all night without being awakened. Our cheerful pleasant selves have returned.~Suzanne

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