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a kitchen day

It's been very cloudy and damp here today, so we did indoor stuff:

:: cleaned and sorted the deep freezer
:: canned strawberry sauce (from excavated frozen strawberries)
:: made vegetable soup (from excavated frozen mixed vegies)
:: made blackberry pie (from excavated frozen berries)
:: made rye bread
:: made ice cream
:: made bran muffin mega-batch mix (batter keeps in fridge for 6 weeks, bake on demand)
:: canned applesauce (our trees are raining)
:: made chocolate applesauce cake

My Gift from A Generous God finished the posts and framing for the ramp for my Dad and laid the first plank. He's been working on it whenever time and energy allows. I'm so looking forward to having my folks out for dinner.

Now My Gift & Chickadee are snuggling on the couch and Dandy is giving me footrubs while I type. I love these sorts of days.


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