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Children's Hospital Seattle

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the Children's Hospital in Seattle? They have free valet parking. They are all sweet and organized. They have lovely toys. And they are conveniently located very close to a hanna andersson store.

Yesterday we made the last specialty-clinic visit to rule out a zillion-and-one possible ailments that could account for Chickadee's tininess, other than the obvious problem that she will explain to anyone. "I was a hungry baby," she says patiently. "My mama no feed me."

She's fine. She's little, yes, but there are no genetic defects, no internal organ problems, no sign of FAS, no sign of other cognitive or developmental problems, no problems at all other than she is a wee little thing and that she speaks gerbil. We'll be seeing a speech therapist as apparently Dandy and I are the only two people who readily understand her unique mix of Russian and English. She has only four upper teeth (two molars and two canines), so her enunciation is a little odd.

No, I didn't buy anything at hanna andersson's. I just scoped out the fall/winter line for future ebay purchases.

We did stop at the outlet mall on the way home for an ice-cream cone and some Western Dalmatian Rain Boots for her and some Clark's for me.

And a just one little outfit from The Children's Place.


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