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summer meme check-in

Do you remember the summer goals meme from early June? Didn't think you would, so here it is again. Things I have indeed done have been crossed out.

1. learn to make cheese see cheesy posts
2. take children strawberry and blueberry picking see berry posts
3. go swimming very often
4. eat lots of home-grown heirloom tomatoes see tomato posts
5. have my fall Research Writing class fully prepped by the end of June waiting on newest edition of textbook
6. make progress on manuscript
7. make lots of jam 40 pints
8. weed south flower garden at least once
9. stay home a lot
10. get children to at least one week of VBS actually got to two weeks
11. declutter upstairs
12. procure firewood for winter
13. continue with making own bread and yogurt see bread posts
14. slog through the ToDo table (returns, etc.)
15. go to Darrington Bluegrass festival see Darrington post

Looks as if I'm scoring 9/15 or 60%. Does that mean I will be held back and have to repeat summer? (I sure hope so.)

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