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works for me: sugar scrub

Is your skin starting to look a bit tired? Here is a lovely homemade sugar scrub.

Herbed Sugar Scrub

:: Snip a few sprays of an aromatic herb (I favor lavender and rosemary) into a microwaveable but non-glass bowl.
:: Pour about a cup of olive oil over top.
:: Heat for 30 seconds in the microwave.
:: Let cool.
:: Add a cup of sugar.
:: Get in the tub.
:: SIT DOWN as this stuff is slippery.
:: Scrub yourself with the sugar scrub.
:: Scrub all over.
:: Rinse off.
:: Use a wee bit of soap if needed/desired.
:: Take care getting out, as you may be slippery when wet.
:: Towel off.
:: Admire your smooth lovely skin.


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