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caucus report

Well that was interesting. Our pooled caucus had quite a few first-time caucusers there and many of us had read up on the prescribed procedures and protocols, to the dismay of the party old-timers who were often gently -- and sometimes not so gently -- reminded of the supposed-tos in contrast to the always-have-dones.

The piece that most mattered for the Ron Paul campaign was that when we broke into precincts, the PCO tallied up the Presidential Preferences from the sign-in sheet and declared that the numbers showed that, as we had 5 delegates to choose, we should choose 1 for Romney, 2 for Huckabee, and 2 for Ron Paul.

I then reminded him to call roll, which we did, and discovered that many Romney and Huckabee people had left. In a group of 17 we had then 9 Ron Pauls, 7 Huckabees, and 1 Romney, so an allocation of 3 RP and 2 Hucks would have been more fitting. Good thing we remembered to call roll! As it turns out, only one person was willing to do the county caucus for Huckabee, so we ended up with 4 RP & 1 Huck and all 5 alternates for RP. Much better than what the PCO had suggested at the beginning!

Poor guy, speaking of the PCO. Afterward he shared that in all the years of PCOing, they had never had enough turnout for it to matter. Whoever wanted to be a delegate got to be one, so he had never had cause to learn and practice the official procedures. Of course the Ron Paul supporters had all studied up and came prepared. How embarrassing for him!


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