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staking our tomato

We’ve pulled Dandy out of school for a week or two. His behavior at home was getting outrageous and was escalating to where he was nearly always being disciplined. What a yucky way for us all to live.

So, we are back to staking our tomato. He is pretty much in the room with me or with his Dad all the time. If he is to be alone it is only to do a clearly defined activity with clear starting and stopping points and in a place where we can easily and silently spot-check him. Did I mention that he needs a lot of structure?

This is not a punitive measure, but an intervention. He was spiraling down and was clearly communicating that he didn’t much care if we were pleased or displeased with him. We are thinking that this signifies an attachment problem more than a behavior problem and constant discipline is not really going to help with attachment issues.

So he is home and we are looking at home-schooling him next year. I’d be happy to give up the 45 minute commute twice a day, but I am a bit apprehensive about being able to muster the energy to keep up with Mr. Intense all day.

On the other hand, I can probably sign him up for a few classes with the homeschool/school-district organization which should help me a bit.

This parenting business is not only hard work, but the stakes are pretty high for making the right decisions. I don't recall the last time I so consistently felt inadequate.

We are starting with our therapist on Monday.


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