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Reign of Ellen calendar

Y'all know Ellen, right? Even though she hasn't updated her blog -- Reign of Ellen -- in ages, she is very cool and nifty and so forth. One of my favorite aspects of her blog is her cutesy-crazy drawings. I can never decide if her characters are demented or endearing, and as that rather reflects my own mental state, I really like them.

So, I was walking through Rite-Aid the other day, and guess what I saw on the shelf?
Ellen has a calendar! I can't prove it, but I think Ellen commented on my blog once, or maybe I commented on hers and she responded, but either way, it was a kick to see a part of someone I knew from blogland out there in real life. I got so excited I bought all they had: 2.

If you want one, you can get them at Dayspring for $3.25 which is not enough. The cute stickers alone are worth that much.

I've posted about Ellen before. She shared the excellent e-book: What Jesus Said, which if you haven't read, please do, even if especially if you don't 'believe in Jesus', whatever that means.


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