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to homeschool? not to homeschool?

We are in the midst of a big decision here. Remember when we pulled Dandy out of school for a couple weeks due to behavior that is unblogable? Well it has proven to be a good decision and we are now considering extending the hiatus for the rest of the year.

:: Many more hours available each day for wholesome family interactions to promote attachment.
:: No driving! I spend 1.5 hours a day dropping him off and picking him up.
:: Chickadee wouldn't have to wake up so early -- she is always tired. Neither she nor I are morning people.
:: Pleasant mornings, not racing-out-the-door mornings.
:: I would be responsible for his education.
:: He could take math, spelling, and chess at the homeschool/school partnership at no charge.
:: He can have regular social interactions with the kids in the aforementioned classes.
:: I spoke his current teacher about this plan, and she gave her blessing.
:: He could spend a lot more time with his very special person, Grandpa.
:: We would have time to do something like Awanas or 4H.
:: Mandatory roundtrips to town drop from 120 miles per week 18 miles per week.

:: I would be responsible for his education.
:: I may get a bit weary of hanging out all day with Mr. Intensity.
:: We'll have to be more proactive about finding kids for him to be friends with. This may mean that we will have to socialize with other families. Oh the horror.
:: Seems as if there should be more on the con list. What are we overlooking?


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