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So Brave, Young, and Handsome by Lief Enger

I am so excited. One of my favorite authors, Lief Enger who wrote Peace Like a River, has a new novel coming out.

Peace Like a River was clever and moving and endearing. One of the characters goes to heaven at the end and Enger's presentation of what that might be like is as good as -- or perhaps better than -- C.S. Lewis' heaven-ideas presented in The Last Battle. I am so very much looking forward to So Brave, Young and Handsome due out on May 13th. Here is the Amazon blurb:

In 1915 Minnesota, novelist Monte Becket has lost his sense of purpose. His only success long behind him, Monte lives simply with his wife and son. But when he befriends outlaw Glendon Hale, a new world of opportunity and experience presents itself. Glendon has spent years in obscurity, but the guilt he harbors for abandoning his wife, Blue, over two decades ago, has lured him from hiding. As the modern age marches swiftly forward, Glendon aims to travel back to his past--heading to California to seek Blue’s forgiveness. Beguiled and inspired, Monte soon finds himself leaving behind his own family to embark for the unruly West with his fugitive guide. As they desperately flee from the relentless Charles Siringo, an ex-Pinkerton who’s been hunting Glendon for years, Monte falls ever further from his family and the law, to be tempered by a fiery adventure from which he may never get home.


:: review of So Brave, Young, and Handsome.

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