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diamond earrings

Years and years ago, My Gift from a Generous God gave me a little pair of diamond earrings: sparkley enough to please and dainty enough to wear every day without looking pretentious, which I did, in my second pierce-holes. In about the 4th year I lost one, so I just wore the remaining one in one ear.

About a year ago I took that one remaining earring out and put it in my jewelry box.

Last week we went over to mom & dad's and cleaned all the cars: their new van, their old van, and her old Honda which is my new Honda. I was vacuuming the front seat in the dusk and not looking at all at what I was doing. Just basically poking the vacuum around and sucking up debris. One little piece of debris twinkled at me. Yup, one little diamond earring was twinkling as loudly as it could, "Don't suck me up -- you want me."

"That's odd," I thought, "I am sure I tucked that into my jewelry box."

I checked when I got home. I had indeed tucked that last remaining earring into my jewelry box. The one I found in mom's old car? That one is the one that had been lost for at least five years, perhaps more.

Reunited at last.


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