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works for me: tax filing

As Rocks-in my Dryer is posting about on-line shopping and as W-2s are arriving and tax day is coming up, I want to tell you about TurboTax.

Here are what I appreciate about this easy tax filing software.

1.) It's easy. Oh right, I said that.
2.) I use the on-line version, which makes it really easy to start and stop which is essential when one has little kids around.
3.) It automatically tracks my adoption tax credit carryover from year to year. We are on our second year and expect two more.
4.) It helps me find deductions I would have otherwise overlooked or, more likely, not bother to go find the form for.
5.) It remembers our data from year to year so I don't have to go enter it again.
6.) If doing it online gives you the heebie-jeebies, you can order the software and do it all within the privacy of your own computer.
7.) It's affordable. I'm using a version that costs 29.99 and the software remembers to list that as a deduction for next year.
8.) It's informative, if you want it to be. If you wish, you can merely follow the software, enter your numbers, and be none the wiser. Or you can click on little icons that will tell give you more information.
9.) If you file a no-frills return you can File for Free.

TurboTax Choose Easy


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