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Washington State Caucus Day

Tomorrow we are going a'caucusing. Here, for your reading pleasure, are my key talking points on why I support Dr. Ron Paul.
There are three main reasons I am pulling for Ron Paul.

1. State's Rights: Ron Paul rightly points out that there is no mandate in the Constitution for the Federal gov to determine social issues. Gay rights, abortion, etc., those are all state issues. This speaks to me in that I have no chance of getting to Wash DC to air my views, though I can easily get to Olympia. Ron Paul and I share the view that the best government (i.e. the most accountable government) is the closest government.

2. Free (not Managed) Trade: true free trade does not involve large bureaucracies full of unelected people that make decisions that impact us. I have long been an adherent to Austrian School economic principles and Ron Paul's trade views are a great fit.

3. Department of Education: It used to be that schools were accountable to parents via local school boards. Now schools are accountable to bureaucrats in DC. I know a man that earns 200,000 a year working for the Dept of Education. He does not have kids. He has never taught in the classroom. He makes a ton of money setting policy for teachers who earn around 40,000 a year. This is not right. The Dept of Education needs to be abolished and Ron Paul is the man to do it, along with getting rid of a handful of other administrator-rich and quite useless Departments. If there is any standardizing of education that needs to happen -- which is questionable -- it needs to happen on a state level, or a county level, or best of all, a community level.

4. Dr. Paul would have us honor the Founding Father's mandate to avoid all foreign entanglements.

I know, I said three, and there are four and I could go on and on. In a nutshell, Ron Paul is for adhering to the Constitution and for protecting the civil liberties of the citizenry; he is a statesman who believes in the ideals of a servant government, one that serves the population rather than bullies the population with invasions of privacy (Patriot Act), and Mandatory Charitable Giving. Okay, here is #5.

5. Charitable Giving: When the government takes my money and gives to the poor they are forcing me to be charitable in directions and amounts that I may not wish. We all agree, I think, that people should give to others, but where in the Constitution is there a mandate for the Government to enforce and administrate this? It is not Constitutional!

And if that isn't enough, he's a real man: faithful to his convictions, loyal to his wife, consistent in his views; he acts with purpose and integrity and even his opponents have admitted to respecting him. I would like -- once in my life -- to have someone I can admire in the White House.

Here is a link to his issues page:

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