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Mighty Warriors of the Never-Ending Questions

We watched the movie Home Alone which may have been a lapse in judgment as the children have been discussing how they would protect and defend their castle if they were left home alone. I think they may have finally settled on a workable plan.

If they are home alone and burglars arrive, the kids will pester them until they go away. Here is a mere fraction of their arsenal:

What are you doing?
Why are you doing that?
When will you be done?
What will you do next?
When is Christmas coming?
Why do you wear black?
What are you going to do with that?
What time is it?
What is that tool?
What time is it now?
What time did you get here?
What time are you leaving?
How long until then?
Do you know that guy who took Christmas?
No, the guy with the dog who was a reindeer?
Do you work for him?
Are you the boss?
How much money do you get?
Where did you get that tool?
Did you steal that too?
How much was it?
Did you have to steal your breakfast?
Did you have to steal your underwear?
Do you steal dogs?
Are you a bad guy?
Why are you a bad guy?
Do you love God?
God can help you stop being a bad guy?
Have you been in prison?
How much did it cost?
Do you steal in prison?
Are you going to vote for Ron Paul?

Who needs dogs and home security systems when I can just sic the Mighty Warriors of the Never-Ending Questions on any stray burglar who hazards upon us?


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