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Friday Poetry: What Secret Purple Wisdom by Luci Shaw

If you have not yet discovered Luci Shaw, you are in for a treat. Of the books I have -- The Green Earth: Poems of Creation, Accompanied by Angels: Poems of the Incarnation, and Polishing the Petoskey Stone: Selected Poems -- not a one has been disappointing, yet my favorite is The Green Earth: Poems of Creation, perhaps because it was my first.

I want to be respectful of her copyrights, and at the same time I want to share enough so that you run out and buy your own copy so that you can enjoy her with a cup of tea in a sunny window. Expect to see a smattering of Luci Shaw all spring.

What Secret Purple Wisdom

What word informs the world,
and moves the worm along in his blind tunnel?

What secret purple wisdom tells the iris edges
to unfold in frills? What juiced and emerald thrill

urges the sap until the bud resolves
its tight riddle? What irresistible command

unfurls this cloud above this greening hill,
or one more wave – its spreading foam and foil –

across the flats of sand? What minor thrust
of energy issues up from humus in a froth

of ferns? Delicate as a laser, it filigrees
the snow, the stars. Listen close – What silver sound

thaws winter into spring? Speaks clamor into singing?
Gives love for loneliness? It is this

unterrestrial pulse, deep as heaven, that folds us
in its tingling embrace, gongs in our echo hearts.

-Luci Shaw in The Green Earth: Poems of Creation p. 17

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